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Game News

Nightfal: Vice and Virtue System

HystericalHeart, Mar 28, 12 12:52 PM.

This guide will cover all of the ins and outs of the brand new Virtue and Vice system. The power of the gods is within your reach, will you be able to grasp your destiny?

Part One: The Road to Godhood
So you’ve conquered the Mistress of Malice and saved Eyrda from the threat of the Aeon Spire, but now what? Well I have the answer for you-becoming a god! That’s right, the Virtue and Vice system will unlock the powers of the gods and put them in your hands, all you have to do is reach out and take them!

Now, before you head out to meet your destiny, a couple things first. One, you need to be at least level 60 to undertake the quests in Nightfall and Aepelio, and two; you will need the skills Observation and Intimidate. Now the quests will inform you when you need those skills, but by having them already you will save yourself time and backtracking.  

You got all that? Yes? Then let us head out into the great unknown and unlock the powers of the divine!

The first thing you will need to do is get to Nightfall! To get there you can talk to any teleporter, but to start the quest line speak to Ferrie (the healer in Freedom Harbor), and accept his quest, and head to Nightfall Citadel.



This is Claudius Aepelio, King of the country of Aepelio. He can be found inside the Aepelio Palace, naturally. You will need to have an audience with him, where he will give you rewards as well as direct you to speak with Gaius, his steward. Gaius will tell you about the King’s desire to acquire the ancient relics of the Magic Citadel, and tasks you with finding the legendary sword, Velastus. He will also hand you a letter from Demitri Kazmer himself! In the letter Demitri tells you of the troubles in Dusk Town, and directs you to speak with Rodgers, a Captain in the Lionheart Champions stationed in Nightfall who is currently keeping watch over the Twilight Bridge. 

Find and speak to Captain Rodgers, who will tell you some more information about the attack on Dusk town, and ask you to go to Cadente Village to locate a suspect in the attacks who escaped custody. When you arrive at Cadente, you will arrive to a town devastated. Speak to Byron who will tell you what happened and where to find the suspect. Head to the area indicated and exact retribution on him. Once that’s done find Archilaus in Nightfall and show him the item you found.

Archilaus is located in the Academic District, tucked away in a little nook on the southwest side.  He will give you some information and history about the item, and directs you to find its other half, buried near Autumn Manor on the Triumph Plain. Use the charm to wake up the Asar, and then speak with him. After a brief history lesson, he will make a deal with you: help him to seek eternal rest and in exchange he will give you more information about the Magic Citadel and its relics. Go and kill 99 Bloodhunters, then return to the Asar and speak to him where he will then tell you of the fate that befell the Magic Citadel and its people. Once the history lesson is over, head back to Nightfall and speak to Archilaus once again. He will act like he doesn’t know you and refuse to speak to you. This is where you will need the skill Observation. Use Observation on Archilaus, and then speak with him. He will direct you to find and Speak with Eve, in Dark Hollow.

Travel to Dark Hollow, speak to Eve, and pay her price. Once that is done she will ask you to find some Joy Powder for her. Now here you have two options: You can buy it direct from Finch for the high, high cost of 1 diamond, or you can set up a sting by talking to Captain Rodgers. If you simply buy the powder, the quest will continue at eve, but if you go back to Captain Rodgers you will have the opportunity to clean up the streets of Nightfall from the influence of Joy Powder, as well as have the chance to get a bag of Joy Powder free of charge!

If you head back to Speak with Captain Rodgers, he will ask for your help in cleaning up Nightfall and task you with finding out Finch’s supplier. This is where you will need Intimidate. Head back to Dark Hollow, use Intimidate on Finch, and make him talk. Once he spills his guts head back to Rodgers and he will ask you to go to the Logger’s Retreat and deal with the Bloodpact Smuggler. Once you kill him you will be presented with an interesting choice: Return the drugs to Rodgers and help end the threat, or lie to Rodgers and keep the drugs, thus allowing you to continue the search for Velastus with having to spend a diamond. Note that if you choose to give the drugs to Rodgers, you will still be able to buy the drugs from Finch, who apparently hasn’t learned the error of his ways, for the same price of 1 diamond. I guess the war on drugs is long and difficult in Nightfall. 

However you acquire some, once you have the Joy Powder speak to Eve once again and she will direct you to speak with Niko in the Crystal Valley.  Speak to Niko, and he will ask you to get some firewood for him. After doing so he will give you some more history on the area and its artifacts, and then tells you to go to Ghostfang Castle and speak to Thorn, who is a guard there. 

During your conversation with Thorn, you will be teleported away by a man named Carrel, who claims to have saved your life.  After you feed him his vice of 50 Great Mana Tonics, he will tell you what you have wanted to know: how to become a god. He will show you the Soul Power UI and talk about how it works, but I will go into that in great detail later on in this guide. Besides, you’re not a god yet! 

Carrel asks you to find out some more information, and of course the best person for the job is Eve, but luckily you won’t need to get any more Joy Powder, as good old fashioned blackmail will suffice this time. Eve tells you to find and speak to Baroness Carole, who is currently at the Chamber of Embrace, with the Raven Clan. Once you find her, you will need to Intimidate her to get her to talk. She will tell you where Raven is located, which happens to be behind the Chamber of Embrace. Head to the rear of the compound, and speak to the Odd Noble. He will reveal himself as Raven and finally reveal the location of Velastus-it is located at Ghostfang Castle in the hands of Baron Kidd. Go to Ghostfang, kill Baron Kidd, and claim the sword for yourself.

Once you have possession of the Artifact, return to Carrel where you will now be presented with a choice: Follow the virtuous path of Dyos, or the ways of the Dark God, Nyos.  You can speak with Pascal and Garth about each path and they will show you the corresponding trees for Virtue and Vice. However you choose, choose wisely, because there is no going back once you do. 

If you choose to follow the path of Dyos, you will have to battle the tormented soul that was housed within Velastus, and end her suffering.  After doing so, you will unlock the power of Dyos, and finally attain divinity. Once you select a path, you will be given the corresponding skill. Use it, and the powers of the Heavens will be yours to command!

If you choose to follow the path of Nyos, however, your task is to force the soul into obedience in order to serve you for all time. Right click Velastus in your inventory, speak with the soul, and after the deal is struck, you will have unlocked the power of the Dark God, Nyos.

Congratulations! No matter which path you chose, you have now obtained the power of the gods, but one question remains: How will you use your newfound powers? Will you use them for the good of all, or the power of one?



After you unlock your godly powers, there are still two things that you can finish up. First, you can turn in Velastus to King Aepelio. He is disappointed with its significant lack of power (due entirely to you of course), but he will thank and reward you all the same. 

The other quest can be acquired by speaking to Eiffel in Nightfall at the Temple of Faith. Speak with her and you will be given a quest to increase your Soul Power and she will explain how to break the gates that limit your Soul Power (which I will explain in detail later on in this guide). After you accept the quest, obtain a Dragon order from Melinda, and complete it. This is one of the primary ways to acquire Soul Power: Obtaining and turning in Dragon Orders will net you lots of Soul Power and experience, as the orders change with your rise in levels.


Part Two: The Paths of Virtue and Vice



Functionally wise, both Virtue and Vice they both work the same way, but cosmetically one tree ascends and one tree descends, representing either a Virtuous rise or a Vice-filled fall. 

The first thing you will need to do is level up your Virtue or Vice level. Now, after you activate the skill given to you when you chose your path, you will be able to select the Upgrade button in the lower left, which will level you up if you have enough Soul Power and have met the prerequisites, with the max level being 80. Note that the cap on Soul Power is 9,000,000 so don’t bother going out and grinding more than you can hold!

Mouse over the Upgrade button and it shows you your current level, the Requirements needed to reach the next level, and the Soul Power and Soul Coins you need to spend. If you are ever unsure why you can’t level up, look here and any requirements you haven’t met will be displayed in red.

Once you start to level up, you will notice that every point you put into the tree will light up the window ay a slight amount. This is to show at a glance how far up (or down) the tree you have reached. For every 5 levels you reach, you will be able to level up your Soul Power Talents. Like the Upgrade button, if you mouse over a talent, you will see the requirements needed in order to level it up, with the unfulfilled requirements once again in red. 

Now here comes the tricky part. Starting at level 10, and every 10 levels thereafter, in order to level up you will need to break the Soul Power Gate at each of those levels (20, 30, 40, etc.). If you look at the Virtue tree, you will notice a little button that says ‘Open’ on the level meter. This is what you will need to meet the requirements for if you are to continue your journey to the highest (or lowest) levels of your tree. If you mouse over the Open button, it shows you what you will need to do in order to break down the Gate barring your progress on the tree. By clicking the Open button, you will be given a quest to break it down. They involve completing various events in certain order, and at the higher levels will also involve defeating several instance bosses, so be prepared.



At Lv60 or higher, you can start to gain Soul Power Points. Soul Power is absorbed from all living beings. You can gain Soul Power Points by completing events or killing monsters above Lv60. Recommended Events: Defend Dusk Town, Dragon Orders, Extermination Orders, and Wade's Fishin' Hole. The amount of Soul Power Points gained by killing monsters in Aepelio is a bit higher than in other places.


Part Three: Runes

Now that you have your divine powers, and understand how to level them up with Soul Power, you must be asking what the heck are runes and what do I do with them? Simply put, runes allow you to enhance your talent trees, and high level runes will also further increase those benefits.

Looking at the Virtue and Vice trees, you can see that every few levels there are colored empty slots. These are the Rune Slots, where you will socket your runes, and thus increase your power in one or all of the three aspects of the Rune Tree: Wisdom, Fervor, and Nature. Now the level of your Virtue/Vice tree directly affects your runes and what runes you can socket.  If you look at a rune slot, you can see it has a max level of 5. This number is the max level rune you can put in it. So a level 3 Rune slot can have a rune no higher than level 3, but it can always have a lower level rune put into it. 

Each rune also affects the amount of Wisdom/Fervor/Nature energy the associated tree receives, with higher level runes giving more energy. I will explain the Rune trees in a bit. Another thing that is extremely important is that not all Rune Slots can socket all Runes. Only the highest level Rune Slots can successfully socket the most advanced runes, so you will need to work hard in order to reap the benefits of those rare and powerful artifacts. You can highlight any Rune Slot and it will say either common or advanced, indicating what Runes it will take. Note that you can, if you wish, put a common Rune into an advanced slot, but seeing as how rare the slots are, you might not want to. You will also notice that each slot is also colored, which means that only a rune of that color can be socketed into that slot.  To socket a Rune simply drag it to the slot you wish to put it in.

BLUE colored slots can only accept Blue runes which give power to the Nature tree.
RED colored slots can only accept Red runes which give power to the Fervor tree.
YELLOW colored slots can only accept Yellow runes which give power to the Fervor tree.
PURPLE colored slots can accept either Red or Blue Runes, and give power to whichever tree the Rune is linked to.
ORANGE colored slots can accept either Red or Yellow Runes, and give power to whichever tree the Rune is linked to.
GREEN colored slots can accept either Yellow or Blue Runes, and give power to whichever tree the Rune is linked to.
Finally, the BLACK slot can accept any Rune of any color.



What is unique to the higher level runes is the Additional Attributes that they can get, with the rarity of said attribute indicated by the stars from 1-5. For example, say a Yellow Rune gives a Warrior an additional +1 to the talent Code of Haste. This means that it essentially gives you a free point in that talent! So if you have Code of Haste at level 2, it will give you the benefits of having the talent at level 3! Now there are two things to remember that are extremely important:

1. This also applies if you have the talent at 0, as in unlearned. If you put in a rune that gives you a point in Code of Haste, for example, and you do not possess the talent, you will get the effects of the talent as if it were level 1. This does not mean you can automatically learn it if you normally couldn’t, so keep that in mind.

2. While you can put as many runes in as you wish, you will only get benefits of a talent equal to its max level +1. So if the talent has 3 levels, then it can have a max benefit of 3+1, or 4. This applies to all talents.

Also, you cannot directly learn unlearned active talent skills by adding runes!

One last thing about Runes is if you socket them, they are not lost if you wish to change them out or just changed your mind. Simply right click the rune you wish to remove, and by spending some coins you can get it back. So no worries if you mess up, or don’t like what you socket.





As you can see I have put the three Rune trees here for you see while I explain how they work. Now as before, the functionality is the exact same as with the Vice tree, but the benefits you receive for each tree is different depending on which path you choose, so choose wisely, and look over each tree before you make your choice with Pascal or Garth.

Each branch of the tree needs energy, just like the Virtue and Vice trees. Unlike those trees, however, the three Rune trees require Rune energy in order to grow. Rune energy is the total amount of Wisdom, Fervor, and Nature that each of your socketed Runes gives you, ranging from 1-90 (with 90 being the highest possible amount you can obtain, thus unlocking the top level benefits).  In the picture above, you can see that the Fervor and Nature trees have some Rune energy in them, but the Wisdom tree does not.  

The benefits of having Rune energy in these trees is that when you get to a skill (and highlighting them will inform you just how much energy is needed), they will automatically grant you their benefits upon reaching them. So by looking at the picture, by having 5 points of energy in the Nature tree, you would get the enhancements to the skill Lightning Slash without having to do anything else. 

Another benefit is that for each tree, there are three special skill enhancements you can receive, as indicated on the trees with a bright gold border. These powerful enhancements not only give you benefits to a particular skill or two, but they increase in power with every point of energy put into the tree. Looking at the picture below, you can see that in addition to your health being increased by 5.5% of your max attack, every point of energy in Fervor will increase that bonus by .5%, so having 5 points of energy in Fervor will give you an additional 2.5% increase to your health. 

That makes these Rune skill enhancements extremely powerful, and will allow you some more flexibility with the direction you may want to take your character. Not every special skill will have these bonuses, and some may give you benefits when you reach a set amount of energy, but they are all powerful and will greatly increase your chances of reaching the upper limits of your potential.

There are many different ways to acquire Runes, some of which are detailed here:

Loot monsters: Lv60+ monsters in Aepelio, Crystal Valley, and the Sleeping Jungle have a chance to drop Runes.

Events: The Ghostfang Castle and Defend Dusk Town events both have a chance to award Runes.


Part Four: Rune Combination



This is Josselyn, and she is the go to girl for your entire Rune combining needs. What is Rune combination? Well it is simple: you can combine your Runes to get better quality or higher level Runes.  As you can imagine, this makes the idea of collecting and finding the Runes all the more enticing, that way you don’t have to wait for a high level Rune to come along, you can take your low level ones and make it yourself! She can be located in the Mercury Marketplace in Nightfall Citadel, and she has plenty of information about Runes and Rune combining, so don’t hesitate to speak to her if you are unsure about anything Rune related.

There are two types of Rune combinations: normal combinations and advanced combinations.





Two Runes can be combined into one to generate new random attributes. This process requires two Runes of the same quality and level. If the Runes are the same color, the new Rune will be that color. If they are different colors, the new Rune will have a random color. If you look at the picture above, you can see that there is a gold cost as well. Also, as the newly created Rune will be class specific, it will also be randomly generated, so if you want a specific Rune for your class, you will need to use RuneMaker charms, and the amount needed will vary with each Rune and Rune level.




Five Runes can be combined into one of the same quality but with its level increased by 1. This process requires five Runes of the same quality and level. If the Runes are the same color, the new Rune will be that color. If they are different colors, the new Rune will have a random color. Like before, this will also cost gold and RuneMaker charms (for a specific class) based on the level and quality of the Runes.

Note: RuneMakers are available in the Eyrda Boutique.

If you find that Soul Power is hard to come by these days, Otis Horkennan has two items for sale that you might be interested in: Faith Force boxes, which can be bought with Faith Tokens. These packs contain pure Soul Power, and come in two versions: The first pack contains 60000 Soul Power, and the Second Pack contains 120000 Soul Power.  Now before you rush out and buy up all the Faith Force packs you can hold, keep in mind that you can only use five of these packs a day, total. So keep that in mind when you decide to spend those precious Faith Tokens.

Nightfall Release Date!

HystericalHeart, Mar 26, 12 1:01 PM.

We are excited to announce that the Nightfall expansion will be released on March 28th! Mark your calendars and make sure to join us on launch day!


*Note: Maintenance will be held during our regularly scheduled day on Tuesday, March 27th (11PM PDT).


Nightfall Patch Notes


New Game Features:

1) New Maps: Nightfall Citadel and Aepelio
- Travel to the lost kingdom of Aepelio by visiting any teleporter. This map is most useful to characters between Lv60 and 80, but anyone can visit and take in the sights.
- Explore Nightfall Citadel to see many of your old friends from Freedom Harbor in their new Shops, including a brand new Tavern for Charlie.
- The untamed lands of Aepelio are still shattered from the wars that raged through the kingdom. Killing the monsters outside the Citadel will give you greater Soul Power rewards, as well as the chance to drop special items.
- All maps are now available to any level player. Levels listed are the recommended levels for those zones.
2) Quests and Events
- A new batch of Daily quests are available in Nightfall Citadel. Check the Daily Event tab for details of the new Quests: Run Boy, Run, Nightfall Secrets, and Watch Rotation. All three quests will give Nightfall Reputation and a chance at Soul Power.
- Speak to Claudius Aepelio Daily to receive a new quest to unlock the Treasury. Fabulous rewards can be gained after unsealing a treasury card.
- New Kill Quests: Available from Melinda in Nightfall Citadel. These can be purchased for a wide variety of level ranges and with give EXP and, later, Soul Power rewards.
- Exp Transfer for High Level mentors: At Level 70 and above visit the Airship in Nightfall Citadel to purchase an Ancient Box for mentor points. Unlock the box with Exp to receive a Holyspirit Sutra which can be used by characters up to Lv69 for large amounts of Exp.
3) Soul Power: Dyos' Virtue or Nyos' Vice
- Choose the path of the gods through a new Main Quest for Lv60+ players starting at Ferrie in Freedom Harbor. This quest will take you through the new maps and introduce the system.
- Soul Power is gained by killing monsters Lv60+, with bonus amounts from the monsters scattered around Aepelio and inside instances.
- Runes drop from Lv60+ mobs. These can be used to power up specific talents. Combine Runes at Josselyn in Nightfall Citadel. Make sure to try out all the combinations, choosing the right runes can mean the difference between vanquishing your foes or waiting for that resurrection. 
4) Flying Mounts
- Accept the Quest Taking Flight from Flying Tutor Nadine in Freedom Harbor to unlock the ability to fly.
- Flying mounts are available from Nadine or the Eyrda Boutique. Keep an eye out for other hidden ways to get a special flying mount.
- There are two speeds of flying. Cruising costs Mana, and Accelerating costs Flying Energy. Press E to switch quickly between the two flying modes.
- Flying is leveled simply by being on your flying mount. Every minute you will Gain 1 point of Flying Exp.
- Flying Mounts can have their Primary and Secondary Colors Dyed to make them stand out even more. This is available at Nadine, or the Flying Tutor in Nightfall Citadel.
- Several Flying Daily quests can be found around the main cities. Keep trying them to win random dyes for your mounts and Sky Emblems needed to raise your flying level.
- Don't be afraid to explore! There are new flying bosses on most maps to provide an extra challenge to taking to the skies.
5) New Instances
- New Gear Instance: Tomb of Kings. This instance is for players Lv75+. The entrance can be found at Ramses Desollar just outside of Nightfall Citadel. Test yourself against the traps within the tomb to steal Akena Desollar's lost treasure!
- New Instance: Ghostfang Castle. This instance is for players Lv60+, the party Leader must have at least 60 weekly dedication. Defeat the Insane Baron of the Castle to gain Runes and extra Soul Power to level your Virtue/Vice!
- New Random Instance: Wade's Fishin' Hole. This instance is for players Lv60+. It will appear randomly at one of 3 locations, keep an eye out in world chat for Wade's announcement. Once inside, defeat waves of enemies for gear refining items.
- New Random Instance: Defend Dusk Town! This instance is for Lv60+ players. Enter from a Random location every hour to fight to reclaim Dusk Town from invading monsters. Use scrolls to summon the final boss for a chance at more Runes and Soul Power. Rumor has it one of the bosses might have a flying mount!
6) Guilds
- Immortal Rift is now a Territory Wars system. While the method of battling will be the same, Guilds can now take and defend different regions of Eyrda.
- Sign up for Territory Wars at Leonidas at the same time as Immortal Rift Bidding used to be.
- Rewards are based on the power of your chosen Deity, so don't be afraid to help out guilds that are on your side!
- Each zone you enter will display the name of the Guild that controls it. Will your guild be the first to dominate Eyrda?
- New Guild Base Collection Event: Astral Shine. Travel to other bases to collect meteorites, but make sure to also protect your own! This even occurs every Sunday at 3pm, Rewards are calculated after 15 minutes, so be quick. Not available until Storm Era.
7) New Arena Season
- The new Arena system starts on April 3rd! All current points can be used until then, and afterwards at special vendors.
- Rankings and current season points will be reset so everyone has a chance to gain the coveted new arena gear!
- A new Arena Gear dealer can be found in Nightfall Citadel once the new season has started.
8) Mastery and Resistance Reset
- Choose Reset Mastery and Resistance at your Skill Trainer in Freedom Harbor and place the Book of Masteries in the Interface. The Book of Masteries can be found in the Eyrda Boutique.
- Mastery and Resistance will be converted into a spendable point value. You will be able to spend these points instead of Gold and Energy.
- Surpassed Mastery and Resistance Gates will not be reset.
9) Gear Reforging
- Using items dropped by Lv60+ monsters, you can add a percent increase to the primary stats of any piece of gear that is marked: Able to be Reforged.
10) Odysseys
- Open the Odyssey Tab of the Shylia Market to see your progress. Completion of certain events will result in prize packs containing some great rewards.
- Odyssey's can be completed in any order or any time you choose and will not be reset.
11) Era Changes
- New Era's can be seen by hovering over the prayer button in the top center of the screen.
- Pray frequently to unlock the new Eras for even better personal and server-wide rewards.
12) Help Interface+Leveling Guide
- The Help Interface has been renovated. Clicking on any of the buttons will lead you to a page with more information than we could fit before. This UI also gives you access to the Encyclopedia.
- The Interface is now broken down into a handy leveling guide aimed at giving you the best information for your specific level.


New Items:

- Book of Masteries: This item can be purchased from the Eyrda Boutique. It is used at your class trainer to convert your Mastery and Resistance into spendable Training Points.
- Flying Mounts: These can be found all over Eyrda, or in the Boutique. Accept the quest Taking Flight from Flying Tutor Nadine in Freedom Harbor to unlock the ability to fly.
- Essence of Flight: An item available from the Flying Tutors or the Eyrda Boutique, it can be consumed to regain Flying Energy points which allow you to Accelerate on your Flying Mount.
- Reforging Items: These items are dropped by Lv60+ monsters. They can be used at any Armorer or Blacksmith to Reforge appropriate gear. Reforging will enhance the primary stats of your gear by a percentage.
- Runes: These items are dropped by level 60+ mobs. Combine them at Josselyn in Nightfall Citadel for even more power, and more specific Runes. Runes contain the power to advance one of 3 colored Rune tracks, and some will enhance specific talents.


Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

- Now Able to Send 2 pets on Journeys at once. Click the button on the Journey UI to expand Journey slots.
- All mobs have had their Health and Mana reduced, to facilitate gaining Soul Power and Runes.
- Scrolling now changes Pages in the Eyrda Boutique.
- Players can now set an option to have moving break spell casting as well as Esc or the interrupt casting skill.
- Low level Life in the Harbor quests will now grant higher soul gold rewards.
- Run Girl Run grants more Refine items.
- Fortification cost of Shard gear is reduced by 50%.
- Vanessa sells some Lv77 purple Gear for Mentor Points.
- EXP Aid costs reduced. Changed the Soul Coins instead of Gold Coins to transfer Gods' Trial runs into Exp Aid.
- More Guild Bases will be up for auction.
- More Visual Optimization options added to allow players to improve their performance.
- Soul Coin cost of Refine Transfer reduced.
- Two new Pet Journeys added to gain Soul Power.
- Gems now stack!!! Other Daily Consumables have had their stack sized increased.
- Mana potion prices reduced at the Remedy Dealers.
- World Elites now drop more Soul Coins.
- Increased loot drops by all world monsters.
- Teleportation Crystal and Mailbox added to the Advanced Training Grounds.
- Pets now have a "Strength Level" to more easily distinguish pet values.
- Time to gather Cryolite in Guild Battles is reduced.
- Total Devotion extended to 190 days.
- Rewards for the Sea of Oblivion Main Quest are increased.
- Can purchase Storm Gems and Shards with Champion Hero Reputation.
- Energy Cost for Bounty Quests removed, and they now grant more Exp and can be done up to 15 times/day.
- Encyclopedia has received many fixes. It should be significantly easier to navigate and read now.
- Players will no longer get stuck on the Sundown Road bridge in Dusk Town.
- Life in the Harbor Event Description from the Available Tab no longer calling from an incorrect cell.
- Stoneman Weapons no longer float away when dancing.
- Immortal Rift lose graphic now correctly in English.
- Floral White Bottoms now have the correct icon in the cash shop.


*Known Issues will be available on the Bug report Forum the day of Launch.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

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